AOS Adaptive Optics Kits

Pricing Our AO kits are available for as little as $10k for educational institutions. Description The AOS kits come with a feedback sensor (wavefront or camera), a 1″ membrane deformable mirror, USB drive electronics, and Windows AO software. Contact us to help you put together your kit. Datasheets and Manuals Software Manual Datasheet Datasheet Application Read more about AOS Adaptive Optics Kits[…]

Metric AO Systems

Pricing $7500 for 32-channel Drive Electronics. Call us for more pricing and information. Description We recently modified our drive electronics package to enable the user to connect an external metric (typically a photodiode) to the box and use it to do closed-loop metric adaptive optics. We have currently implemented stochastic parallel gradient descent (SPGD), but Read more about Metric AO Systems[…]