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Application Notes

Below is a list of all of our application notes. Application notes are constantly being revised to better serve our customers. If you find any problems with them or have suggestions on how we can make them better, please contact us. Thanks!

AN001 - Hartmann Wavefront Sensor Calibration

AN002 - Hartmann Wavefront Sensor Characterization

AN003 - Setting Hartmann Wavefront Sensor Parameters

AN004 - AOS Hartmann Wavefront Code Verification

AN005 - Getting Started with AOS Hardware

AN006 - Camera Frame Rate Variations

AN007 - Using a Membrane DM to Generate Zernike Modes

AN008 - Fitting a Surface with Influence Functions

AN009 - Membrane DM Temporal Response Testing

AN010 - Working with .WFS files in Matlab

AN011 - Actively Flattening a Biased Membrane Deformable Mirror

AN012 - Control Matrices Generation for Hartmann Wavefront Sensor Adaptive Optics

AN013 - Export Control of AOS Hardware

AN014 - Wavefront Sensor Accuracy vs. Pixels and SNR (requires account)

AN015 - Sensitivity of a CCD-based Shack-Hartmann Wavefront Sensor to 1064 nm Radiation

AN016 - Note on Studying some properties of Zernike Polynomials

AN017 - Measuring Plate-Type Deformable Mirror Crosstalk (export controlled-requires account)

AN018 - Measurements of RMS Voltage Noise from AOS Drive Electronics(export controlled-requires account)

AN019 - Determining the ability of a membrane DM to compensate Kolmogorov spectrum turbulence with a comparison with Gaussian influence functions

AN020 - Calibration of BNS Spatial Light Modulators

AN021 - Analysis of Kolmogorov Turbulence Phase Screens

AN022 - Error Rejection Ratio with Integrator Control

AN023 - Comparison of Strehl Ratio, Marechal Approximation, and Power in a Bucket Calculations

AN024 - Consideration of the Possibility of Using Multiple DMs to Increase Spatial Frequency Response

AN025 - Analysis of the Accuracy of the Guppy and Stingray Wavefront Sensors to Measure Overall Beam First and Second Moments and Beam Tilt

AN026 - Power Requirements for Plate-Type Deformable Mirrors in Kolmogorov Turbulence

AN027 - The Effect of Plate Deformable Mirror Actuator Grid Misalignment on the Compensation of Kolmogorov Turbulence

AN028 - Cassegrain Annular Aperture Clipping Loss on Super-Gaussian Beams

AN029 - Actuator Spacing Accuracy of our Plate DMs

AN030 - The Efficacy of Plate-Type DMs Compensating Kolmogorov Turbulence with and without Actuator Slaving

AN031 - Analysis of When AO creates the Maximum Absolute Strehl Ratio Difference in Kolmogorov Turbulence

AN032 - The Relationship between Inter-Actuator Throw and Resonance Frequency on Plate-Type Deformable Mirrors

AN033 - Outline of a Graduate Course in Adaptive Optics

AN034 - Results from AO Speed Testing of the AOS Software

AN035 - Bit Precision Requirements for AO Calculations (export controlled users only)

AN036 - Investigation of the Source of Branch Points and Cuts in Optical Wavefront Phase

AN037 - Beam Shaping for Directed Energy Applications(export controlled users only)

AN038 - Effect of Reimaging a Lens Array Focal Plane onto a Camera for Shack-Hartmann Wavefront Sensing (coming soon)

AN039 - Techniques for Shack-Hartmann Wavefront Sensor Dynamic Range Extension

AN040 - Analysis of the Fitts Correlation Tracker (available upon request)

AN041 - A Realistic Theoretical Centroid Accuracy for Shack-Hartmann Wavefront Sensing

AN042 - Centroid Accuracy with Varying Intensity and Focal Plane

AN043 - Analysis of Different Centroiding Techniques for Shack-Hartmann Wavefront Sensing

AN044 - Description of Inter-Actuator Stroke Testing on a Plate-Type DM

AN045 - A Realistic Theoretical Centroid Accuracy for Shack-Hartmann Wavefront Sensing

PR001 - Press Release on the MZA/AOS Plate-type DMs

Poster1 - AOS Poster - Atmospheric Adaptive Optics

Poster2 - AOS Poster - Lasers

Poster3 - AOS Poster - Diffraction

Poster4 - AOS Poster - Zernikes

Poster5 - AOS Poster - Common DM Actuator Patterns

Poster6 - AOS Application Posters - Optimal Imaging and Laser Beam Shaping Posters

Poster7 - AOS Poster - Zernike-Aberrated Far Field Intensity

Video Tutorials

Below is a list of all of our video tutorials. Video tutorials are constantly being revised to better serve our customers. If you find any problems with them or have suggestions on how we can make them better, please contact us. Thanks!

VT001 - Getting Started Video (NEW!)

VT002 - HWFS Adaptive Optics Demo Video (requires account)

VT003 - HWFS Absolute Referenece Alignment Tutorial Video (requires account)

VT004 - BNS Liquid Crystal Spatial Light Modulator Calibration Video (requires account)

VT005 - Triggered Marlin F131B Frame Rate Testing

VT006 - Triggered and Un-Triggered Marlin F131B Frame Rate Testing in Matlab

VT007 - Adjusting camera settings on the SU320KTS via the serial port (requires account)

VT008 - Adjusting camera settings on the SU320KTS in NI Measurement and Automation Explorer (MAX) for the AOS AO Software (requires account)

VT009 - Movie on how to use the AOS software to flatten a membrane DM with an active bias by using Zernike removal from the WFS (requires account)

VT010 - This movie illustrates how to use our new manual AOI adjustment feature to extend the dynamic range of the WFS in focus and tilt. This compliments the automatic methods already in the software.

VT011 - This movie illustrates the results of a metric AO system run on compensating aberrations in a telescope. It does not illustrate how to setup the metric AO.

VT012 - This movie demonstrates the automatic and manual AOI recentering capability in the latest version of the AOS software to accomodate large slow changes in the wavefront that exceed the traditional dynamic range of the Hartmann sensor.

VT013 - This movie demonstrates the automatic and manual dynamic range extension that can accomodate large frame-to-frame changes in the focus and wavefront tilt that exceed the traditional Hartmann sensor dynamic range.

VT014 - This movie shows how to analyze the Zernike files on the web site and load them into Matlab.

VT015 - A movie on how to change the camera frame size and filter the AOIs.

VT016 - Tutorial on using the AO Simulator Software (on

VT017 - Tutorial on using the beam shaping features of the AO Simulator Software (on