July 16, 2019

Auto PDM Quote

AOS PDM Estimate

Active Optical Systems, LLC

Plate Deformable Mirror Estimate Generator

We put together this estimate system in order to enable our customers to get a quick answer for proposals and planning. Although we strive to make this utility accurate, there are too many performance parameters that are required to provide an accurate quote with this utility. This estimate is calculated based on parameters from our prior work, so to the extend your effort aligns with this effort, we expect it to be fairly accurate. Please contact

NOTE: Some inter-actuator spacings will may not be possible with some DM architectures.

NOTE: Some faceplate diameters may not be possible based on actuator count and actuator spacing.

NOTE: Final integrated stroke will depend on other architecture parameters.

NOTE: Coating is only an estimate. We recommend <15 degree angle of incidence.